The rules, made up of close to a hundred colored pages, including six reference sheets resuming the rules to facilitate play. Pages with all the necessary markers for the game are provided, as well as pivot templates.

Five fictional as well as historical scenarios are included with their orders of battle and detailed maps (see extract below). The scenarios incorporate various conditions such as fog and its effects, hidden units and lures, the more or less late arrival of reinforcements or different objectives to attain additional victory points.

The rules are presently available in a PDF format at a price of 12 €. To order, please go to the bottom of the page and click on “Add to cart” and then on “View cart”.

You will then be directed towards the secure Paypal platform. If you do not have a Paypal account, you do not require one to be able to purchase the rules. Paypal enables you to pay with your regular credit card.

You will have to click on  the grey  “Pay without opening an account” tab located at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. Once Paypal will consider your payment effective (allow 15 minutes),  you will receive a mail permitting you to have access to the platform where you can load the rules and start to play !

If you wish to purchase a soft cover paper copy instead,  preordering is necessary. For this, please send me an email ( with your name and address. Once a substantial number of demands will be obtained (more than a hundred), I will have the rules printed and will inform you of their availability.

The price of the book is 33 €. Postage and handling costs are an additional  10€ for European Union countries (UK included) and 12 € for the rest of the World.



Excert from the scenario pages :




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